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20th-Oct-2005 11:09 pm - I am migrating...

... to my new blogland! => http://www.mommygene.blogspot.com

For the near future, I will be updating over at my new blog... Haven't the time and energy to maintain 2 blogs but of course, aunty gene will continue to pop by LJ every now and then to remind you guys of my existance! Hehheh! :D

I have included a tagboard over @ blogger so u all must *pong-chang and post some comments there okie! But new blog's still in admist of "renovations", hope u guys can bear with it ya!

Gtg, better finish up over @ blogger.. so sleepy... zzz ...


17th-Oct-2005 12:16 pm - Ah Gong's Burfday Celebration!
It was my Ah Gong's birthday celebration last Saturday! He was 73 years old! ; )
We had a family dinner @ Beng Thin Restaurant, OCBC Centre...

Seated in front, my Ah Gong and Ah Ma... Back row: James, Me and Aunty Vivien!

Just the 3 of us... =)

An ugly candid picture of little girl again...
P/S: Dear Miss Ivy, I am still waiting for your pictures!
17th-Oct-2005 11:45 am - Trendy Babes voting is now ON!!!
 Over~over~ Calling all family, friends and kakis! Please help to vote for Talia now!!! =D




14th-Oct-2005 05:16 pm - We saw Allan Wu and family!
Went shopping @ Paragon with Cyn and Jervis boy just now..

We were having lunch @ Thai Express when I heard this man saying in a nice American accent: "...Please get us a baby chair too.." I looked up and OMG! It was Allan Wu, with Wong Lilin and little Sage in tow!

Whoa~ Wong Lilin is pretty, and slim and sexy! Her top was low cut and when she bent down to put Sage in the baby chair, her boobs were like falling out! Cyn went: "Aiyoh! I can see everything liao!" LOL! :D

Little Sage is walking now and she padded around for a while... We both thought she looked like Allan more then Lilin.. What a pity our tables ain't near, else I would have the chance to (secretly) take a few shots of them!

Bought clothes for Lia but no time to blog now... Little girl's whinning and getting on my nerves! *Arghhhh!*

More updates tonight!

Here we are.. lazing in the play yard every afternoon...

I suddenly have this 'Mother & Daughter' thing in my head.. The short seperation this morning must have caused it..

The first picture was taken @ my IL's place just now.. They kept commenting that Lia looks a lot like her Daddee.. Second picture showed how her Daddee looked when he was young... Alike not...? Think its the hair lor.. Haha! And ohh.., what a sunny day... LOL! :D
Enfa sent me this $2 discount voucher together with the sample tin of FM.. I have no use for it so am giving it away..

... Any takers?

12th-Oct-2005 12:21 pm - I am indispensable!

Today's the first day I'm gonna help out at my FIL's shop... All was well in the morning, we got up early and promptly deposited Lia @ my IL's place.. Or should I say all was well... till around 9am+...

Our little girl woke up from her nap @ ard 9am+ and her powerful 'radar' immediately indicated the absence of mommy.  She started whinning, and the whinning soon turned into brawling! MIL later told me: "Wah, 她用喊的 wor! 一直喊 ah!"

Lia had refused breakfast; spitting out the bread and cheese when MIL tried to feed her, she even refused water! Not even a drop of water! MIL was telling me.. Not to mention FM lor... Lia had refused almost everything! She just kept crying and crying (as i can hear while MIL called me @ shop)!

After discussing with James, he said that I should go back home.. So, I took a cab and rushed back. My heart was aching again.. It felt so much like that night when I tried to go clubbing... http://www.livejournal.com/users/cyan0312/2005/09/17/ 

Lia was yellin (still) when i reached.. She was diaperless (?!) and my SIL's maid was carryin her.. Apparently MIL is trying to change her out of her pjs (getting sweaty after all that brawling) but Lia was quite beyond control making it difficult for them to change her properly.. True enough, there were pieces of bread on the floor and on the table I saw an undrunk bottle of FM..

I quickly took over and in a while, Lia quieten down - finally! I fed her the remaining pieces of bread and later some milk... Well, it's mommy's milk this time and I can feel that my little girl is really grateful for it! =)

So how do I feel? For a while, I am feeling good of myself, but then, I am a little guilty too... As this means that I am not able to help out my FIL and my SIL will in turn have to go in my place. My SIL has 4 kids with tight schedules! If SIL in place of me, then who in place of SIL for her daily activities? My MIL lor... For the next couple of days, my MIL has to be the one to send and pick up kids from schools and cook them meals and make them do homework, bathe...blah, blah, blah! But luckily, there are domestic helpers around and I do hope they will help lighten the load for my MIL..


11th-Oct-2005 03:41 pm - Calling Cin...


This is the Malibu bandana Lia has.. http://www.baybsupplies.net/images/products/clsbanmalibu.jpg Colours are orangy-red, not really pink..

You are looking at plain pink or stripes?

1) Plain pink, duo with embriodery: (lighter) http://www.baybsupplies.net/images/products/clsbanpinkblossom.jpg or (darker) http://www.baybsupplies.net/images/products/clsbanfushiablossom.jpg

2) Pinky stripes: http://www.baybsupplies.net/images/products/tblbandredstripes.jpg 

Most probably, I will be poppin by this Thursday, so you sms me by then ok.. =)

It was Baby Jervis' full month celebration last Sunday! What a handsome little prince! =)




Went for the photo selection yesterday, @ Tangerine Dreams Studio, for the Mothercare Trendy Babes Contest. It was not too bad, but wasn't very good either. I just felt that Lia's bandama looked funny in the pictures. But anyway, managed to select one picture for the contest and topped up to buy another 2 shots. I would need to go back another day to collect those pictures, *sign, getting so tired of the whole thing already... I might just get them to courier me the pics, save my trouble and taxi fares of making the trip there.. -_-'

Popped by Paragon for a late lunch and some shopping... Bought this pair of shoes for little girl and this pair of shorts I saw from Ah Fran's post! :D

But I am still thinking of another pair of shoes I saw @ Fox.. It is 'ballet inspired' and I thought it looked quite nice and girlie.. hmmm... Should I make another trip down to buy it or should I not...?



I 'tested water' and fed little girl some Enfapro FM @ breakfast this morning.. First try: Lia had probably thought I was giving her plain water and she drank it without suspecting anything. But she stopped short and looked down @ the cup once she tasted the milk. Second try: she turned away after giving it a sniff.. *Jiak-lak liao... I am going down to shop to help out tomorrow, like that how...? I had got my Medela pump back from my galfren on Sunday and I decided to try and see if I can get enough milk for little girl tomorrow during my absence.. Little girl got really curious once I started the pump.. she came up to me and decided that she would help me hold on while I pump...  

Results were just as pathetic.. I get a mere 20ml (ONLY!) after 1/2 hour? But I comforted myself that little girl have had drank most of it earlier on.. *Sign... We'll just have to 'see how it goes'...


I forgot to mention that I bought a pack of NTUC diapers for Lia.. Had feedbacks over at BayB Supplies Forum (http://www.baybsupplies.biz/forum/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=2738&whichpage=4) that its quite good, and of course, the price is even better. Size M, 60pcs at only $10.95! That works out to 0.1825cents per piece! very affordable for day use considering the fact that my little girl is now pooing 2-3-4 times a day! The design is so-so.. and its those 'tape' types, quite small pieces of tapes actually... But with the price, I am not complaining anymore.  

Have used for a couple of days, verdict: overall not too bad, the cutting is alright for my petite little girl. But still waiting to see if it'll leak..



Went over to my in-laws house for dinner last evening. Ordered yet somemore Tupperwares from SIL and got some freebies! Haha, actually its from my MIL lah.. =) My MIL has got soooooo many Tupperwares that she exclaimed: "Aiyoh, 可以压死我了!" We all laughed at this! She is so cute and funny! We were chatting about tumblers cos I mentioned that Lia doesnt drink water from a bottle, and I showed her the little Tupperware container I am using as her cup, well, she gave me that too, with that, MIL went to her cabinet and brought out these...   ahhh, loved the colours.. it came in a set of like 8 pieces? with each colour in 2 pieces. And I jumped at the chance when she said:" 哪,给你啦.." Hiak hiak! I took just these 4 pieces, that's enough for the time being I said.



And oh, I will be going down to my FIL's shop to help out sometime next week as he is going overseas for a business trip.. I will have to leave Lia in care of my MIL and thus, I quickly called up Enfa Consumer to request for a tin of FM.. Like that no need to buy mah.. Heee!



I have this MacDonalds' bookmark and it has become my little girl's favourite toy for the moment!

I was at the market just now and I had wanted to get the 'My Melody' bookmark as well.. Popped in MacDonalds for breakfast and got it! Now, I have two cute bookmarks!  Lia, mommy will let you play with it if you are good, okay? =)



Am I just glad as well that the Pigeon baby wipes is on offer again! Though not much a great discount but it is still cheaper... by a dollar.. heeee, we just loved cheap thrills like this don't we? ; p


Little girl's eating her 'Cherrios'...



What an ugly candid picture of Lia..

   It's taken by her Daddee..



We saw this man @ NTUC last evening, apparently James saw him first and nudged me to look. This man had tins of Dumex Dugro stacked up in his shopping cart, and for a while, we were dazed. Later, another man brought a second shopping cart and they once again stacked up another type of Dumex FM, just like the first cart. (Did not manage to take any pictures though..)


But later, I saw this man touch the Dumex display brochures and sort of tried to tidy up the display shelf containing Dumex products; and so, I realised that he might be someone from the Dumex company lah...! *Chech!


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